About Meg

I like running because I reallyreally, really like dessert.Me in the Kitchen

SMiLes by Meg is a blog to indulge that sweet tooth, and hopefully yours as well.  I’ll be posting one recipe a week after each of my weekend baking adventures.  I love to make cookies, cakes, bars, pies, combinations of all of the above – I don’t discriminate.  So as the weeks go by, keep coming back for more delicious goodness, and feel free to make requests!  I might just consider them.

A little about Meg:

I’m a recent college graduate making the transition to real life teaching high school biology.  As a science nerd, I think of baking as an experiment in ratios and ingredients.  As a perfectionist, I spend probably too much time creating frosting colors and decorating.  As a runner trying to be healthy, I am constantly pushing my baked treats onto others, whether they want them or not.  And as a new blogger, I’m hoping that you find SMiLes by Meg at least a little bit entertaining.  Enjoy!


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